Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mastec Motors

Part 1 of a response to Kevin Parry's A Difference of Paradigms. Please read it you haven't yet.

From: CEO and Founder of Mastec Motors
To: All Sales Staff

It has come to my attention that some members of our sales staff have abandoned our long-established standards in dealing with customers by brushing-off their reasonable requests for evidence supporting our claims of industry superiority. Blind faith has never been the byword at Mastec Motors. Read the Manual. True, some prospective buyers come into our showrooms ready sign on the bottom line with little more than a warm hello for a sales pitch. Others, however, need to be persuaded of the validity of our claims, and to those we are required to give an answer. Again, read the manual. Our voluminous customer list is filled with men and women who where initially skeptical. In fact, many of our most well-known, respected, and effective advocates were once unconvinced of our superiority. Some were even out-spoken and hostile critics. Such customers as these did not merely roll-over submissively upon hearing a salesperson say, "Trust me."

Some of the blame for this unorthodox salesmanship may fall on our man in Denmark. I personally feel he has been misunderstood, nonetheless I wonder if his work has done us more harm than good.

But I am convinced that the primary reason for this unacceptable sales method is the current distain for intellectual exercise. In addition to our founding documents, there are libraries full of evidence in support of our claims; but if they are not read all that work is wasted.

In the coming days I will present scenarios that more properly convey approved sales methods in the hopes that such disgraceful techniques as represented here are not repeated.

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